Wednesday, 20 May 2009

HP Product Bulletin

The HP Product Bulletin application provides you with the latest QuickSpecs, photos, drawings etc.
It is good, if you are working with HP hardware

The HP Product Bulletin website is a convenient central resource providing technical overviews and specifications for HP hardware and software. The downloadable HP Product Bulletin application is loaded with features to aid with the purchase, sale and support of HP products.

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iqbal Sajid said...

I work for a HP partner company (CSM)
I use HP Product Bulletin very frequently and I'm a linux user. I have to have M$ Window$ on my system to run Bulletin and another tool HP SBW (Sale Builder for Windows).

Q: Is there any solution to use Bulletin and/or SBW on Linux. I already installed Wine on my machine and Installed Bulletin but it did not ran.

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Iqbal Sajid