Thursday, 15 January 2009

Storage configuration management for 3510 and 2540

OS: solaris 10 intel
Server: x4150 , x4100 M2
Storage: SAN(HITACHI,EMC), StorageTek 3510, StorageTek 2540

I need to do kind of configuration management or change management. In case of any problem I want to know what was it before. So my script collects generic information like df, ifconfig, cfgadm,vfstab,luxadm outputs,. If you have storage device 2540 then collect information sscs , if you have 3510 then collects information with sccli command. I added information related to aLom and iLom via ipmitool.
I scp info to central machine. You can find how to do it from this blog, check previous articles.

OUTPUT=/path/storageinfo_$(hostname)_$(date +%Y%m%d)
echo /dev/null > $OUTPUT
date >> $OUTPUT
prtdiag >> $OUTPUT
df -h >> $OUTPUT
cat /etc/vfstab >> $OUTPUT
ifconfig -a >> $OUTPUT
netstat -rn >> $OUTPUT
cfgadm -al >> $OUTPUT
luxadm display $(luxadm probe | grep "Logical Path" | awk -F: '{print $2}') >> $OUTPUT
luxadm -e port | awk '{print $1}' | while read dump_map
luxadm -e dump_map $dump_map >> $OUTPUT

# Sun StorageTek 2540 Array part
if [[ $(luxadm display $(luxadm probe | grep "Logical Path" | awk -F: '{print $2}') | grep "Product ID" | grep -v Universal | awk -F: '{print $2}' | grep LCSM100_F |wc -l) -ge 1 ]]
$command list array | awk '{print $2}' | while read array
$command list -a $array controller >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array date >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array disk >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array fcport >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array firmware >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array host >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array hostgroup >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array initiator >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array jobs >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array license >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array mapping >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array os-type >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array pool >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array profile >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array registeredarray >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array snapshot >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array tray >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array vdisk >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array volume >> $OUTPUT
$command list -a $array volume-copy >> $OUTPUT
$command list -d $array fru

$command list alarm >> $OUTPUT
$command list array >> $OUTPUT
$command list device >> $OUTPUT
$command list devices >> $OUTPUT
$command list event >> $OUTPUT
$command list log >> $OUTPUT
$command list mgmt-sw >> $OUTPUT
$command list notification >> $OUTPUT
$command list site >> $OUTPUT
$command list storage-system >> $OUTPUT
$command list userrole >> $OUTPUT

if [[ $(luxadm display $(luxadm probe | grep "Logical Path" | awk -F: '{print $2}') | grep "Product ID" | grep -v Universal | awk -F: '{print $2}' | grep "StorEdge 3510" |wc -l) -ge 1 ]]
command="sccli $(sccli -l|awk '{print $1}' | head -n 1)"
$command show access-mode >> $OUTPUT
$command show auto-write-through-trigger >> $OUTPUT
$command show battery-status >> $OUTPUT
$command show bypass raid >> $OUTPUT
$command show cache-parameters >> $OUTPUT
$command show channels >> $OUTPUT
$command show clone >> $OUTPUT
$command show controller-date >> $OUTPUT
$command show controller-name >> $OUTPUT
$command show disks >> $OUTPUT
$command show disk-array >> $OUTPUT
$command show drive-parameters >> $OUTPUT
$command show enclosure-status >> $OUTPUT
$command show events >> $OUTPUT
$command show frus >> $OUTPUT
$command show host-parameters >> $OUTPUT
$command show host-wwn-names >> $OUTPUT
$command show inquiry-data >> $OUTPUT
$command show ip-address >> $OUTPUT
$command show logical-drives >> $OUTPUT
$command show logical-volumes >> $OUTPUT
$command show lun-maps >> $OUTPUT
$command show media-check >> $OUTPUT
$command show network-parameter >> $OUTPUT
$command show partitions >> $OUTPUT
$command show peripheral-device-status >> $OUTPUT
$command show port-wwns >> $OUTPUT
$command show protocol >> $OUTPUT
$command show redundancy-mode >> $OUTPUT
$command show redundant-controller-configuration >> $OUTPUT
$command show rs232-configuration >> $OUTPUT
$command show safte-devices >> $OUTPUT
$command show sata-mux >> $OUTPUT
$command show sata-router >> $OUTPUT
$command show ses-devices >> $OUTPUT
$command show shutdown-status >> $OUTPUT
$command show stripe-size-list >> $OUTPUT
$command show unique-identifier >> $OUTPUT
#actually command below includes all information above
$command show configuration >> $OUTPUT


echo "###############################IPMPITOOl##################################" >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool lan print >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool chassis status >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool mc info >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool sdr >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool sensor >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool fru >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool sel >> $OUTPUT
ipmitool user list 1 >> $OUTPUT

scp $OUTPUT tbackup@machine:/path/storageinfo_$(hostname)_$(date +%Y%m%d)

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