Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sed and awk, find pattern and get next lines

Search pattern and print next two lines. You can add more getline and print here for awk and n;p for sed. Also you can do it via +2p

awk '/pattern/{getline;print;getline;getline;print}' file
sed -n '/pattern/{n;p;n;p;}' file
sed -n '/pattern/,+2p' file

Get between two pattern

awk '/pattern1/,/pattern2/' file
sed -n '/pattern1/,/pattern2/p' file

This is small script do same another way.

bgn=$(grep -n $pattern scsconfig.log awk -F: {'print $1'})
ed=`expr $bgn + 3`
cat scsconfig.log sed -n ''$bgn','$ed'p'

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