Thursday, 23 August 2007

Most used rpm commands

Automatic installation, you are tired of installing packages one by one and finding requirements use this:
rpm –ivh --aid xsane*

Ok this is most useful (after install option :)) command that checks if package files changed
rpm -V packagename

If you want to be sure that you are installing signed packages
gpg --import gpg_key (find gpg_key from Red Hat)
rpm --import gpg_key
rpm --checksig package_file_name (This command checks signature)

rpm -qa (gives all packages installed)
rpm -q packagename -i (gives package information)
rpm -q packagename -l (list files in the package)
rpm -q packagename --requires (show which package required to install this package)
rpm -q packagename -scripts (gives you installation script)
rpm -q packagename -changelog (gives you changelog information about package)

rpm2cpio (Use this for extracting rpm packages)

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