Thursday, 16 August 2007

SAN driver on Red Hat

There are some trick for installing qla drivers in Red Hat servers:
One of them is using up to date gcc
The other is you need up to date cciss driver, because if you compile qla drivers with old cciss driver, servers try to boot from storage through hba.

BTW there is another important situation, your device number could change in the future, if you mount with device names it could cause problems after mounting.
So I strictly recommend to label your disks

e2label /dev/sda1 DATA01
fstab --> LABEL= DATA01 data01 ext3 defaults 1 2

OS : Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS (Pensacola)
kernel : 2.4.9-e.35smp
Hardware : HP DL380
HBA : qla2300
Storage : HITACHI DF600F or EMC SYMMETRIX 5771

Installed cciss driver cause trouble, so backup them
cd /lib/modules/2.4.9-e.35smp/kernel/drivers/addon/cciss/
cp cciss.o cciss.o.old
cd /lib/modules/2.4.9-e.35/kernel/drivers/addon/cciss
cp cciss.o cciss.o.old

Install new version
rpm -ivh cpq_cciss-2.4.54-14.rhel21.i686.rpm
reboot server, see if it is booting

Use up to date gcc
mv /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/gcc.296
ln -s /usr/bin/gcc3 /usr/bin/gcc

Install HBA driver
rpm -ivh hp_qla2x00src-7.05.00p8-19.linux.rpm

Install fibeutils you are going to use this
rpm -ivh fibreutils-2.0-4b.linux.i386.rpm
Reboot server

Check your adapter is working

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