Tuesday, 14 August 2007

HP Raid control in Linux

Think that you are using HP DL series (DL380) hardware and running linux, you want to check raid status then you need:
  • Install hpacucli from HP.
  • Run this script
SLOTLIST=$(hpacucli ctrl all show | \
grep Slot | sed -e 's/^.*Slot //g' -e 's/ .*$//g')

for i in $SLOTLIST
hpacucli ctrl slot=$i show status | grep -v "^$"
hpacucli ctrl slot=$i ld all show status | grep -v "^$"
hpacucli ctrl slot=$i pd all show status | grep -v "^$"

  • Output:

Smart Array 6i in Slot 0
Controller Status: OK
Cache Status: OK

logicaldrive 1 (203 GB, 5): Ok
physicaldrive 2:0 (port 2:id 0, 72.8 GB): OK
physicaldrive 2:1 (port 2:id 1, 72.8 GB): OK
physicaldrive 2:2 (port 2:id 2, 72.8 GB): OK
physicaldrive 2:3 (port 2:id 3, 72.8 GB): OK

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