Monday, 18 May 2009

Repair Master Boot Record

When installing Ubuntu you may delete MBR. MBR point grub instead of Windows bootloader. If you want to move Windows bootloader again you can use fixmbr command.
Fixmbr - Repair Master Boot Record with MBRFix from Windows 2000, XP etc. instead of using fdisk /mbr. FixMbr could help you recreating original master boot record (MBR) that works with any Windows (Win2k), XP, 95, 98 when Linux LILO damaged it.
download from here
If you have one disk enter this command. If you have more than 1 physicial hard disk (hard drive), you have to use proper number for your disk
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr

If you could not boot your OS then use Windows Cd boot in recovery mode and in the command prompt use fdisk /mbr

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