Friday, 29 February 2008

Tools for Troubleshooting Windows Server
Here is the list of tools which explained in the document.

Dependency Walker
Application and Service Tools
-Event Viewer
-Performance Logs and Alerts
-Program Compatibility Wizard
-The Resultant Set of Policy
-Task Manager

Operating System and Driver Tools
-Boot Logging
-Device Manager
-Driver Verifier Manager
-Error Reporting Service
-File Signature Verification
-Kernel Debuggers
-Memory Pool Monitor

Online Crash Analysis
Recovery Console
Shutdown Event Tracker
System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe)
Systeminfo (systeminfo.exe)
System Information (msinfo32)
Windows Update

Disk Tools
-Disk Cleanup

Networking Tools
-Network Monitor
-Telnet Client

Remote Management Tools
-Computer Management
-Emergency Management Services
-Remote Desktop
-Telnet Server

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